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Advanced driver training in Ireland

Who We Are

Drive 2 Arrive is a Tipperary based company which specialises in offering advanced driver tuition to both individuals and companies alike.

Our instructors are all qualifed Garda Driving Instructors and are IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) examiners. The level of driving instruction we provide is of a very high standard and our courses are designed to improve drivers skills and awareness, helping to reduce their chances of being involved in or contributing to a road collision.

Our chief driving instructor is Gerry Buckley who is a retired Garda Driving Instructor from the Garda College, Templemore and qualified as a Class 1 Police Driving Instructor at the Scottish Police College.

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Our Services

A brief outline of the services we offer which we can customise for you or your companies requirements

Driving Awareness Courses

Courses held nationwide

These courses are suitable for all types of drivers such as Professionals, Experienced, Novice and Learners. Courses are generally held at a clients address or any suitable venue such as hotels, schools and club halls. The course deals with all types of Driving Awareness such as Distracted Driving, Traffic Collisions, Mobile Phone Use, Drink Driving, Car Safety Systems, Driver Fatigue and Eco Driving.

Duration of course is 3 hours. Size of class is 10 to 15 participants.

Eco Driving Courses

Saving fuel

we offer Eco Driving courses where you can save up to 20% on your vehicles fuel consumption. Eco-Driving has been found to reduce accident rates by roughly 35%. Many aspects of Eco-Driving are integral to Defensive Driving techniques.

Eco-Driving is safe driving with a Positive, Professional Attitude, a technique which involves driving smoothly by anticipating changes in traffic and road conditions, operating your vehicle within the optimum rev range, intelligent use of gears, avoiding sudden or substantial episodes of braking or acceleration and more. Driving at all times with a high level of Observation.

Driver Assessment

Do you wish to have your driving skills or those of your employees assessed? If you have employees who drive on work related business whether in a company or privately owned vehicle you have a duty of care to them. Are they of a good driving standard? If an accident occurred today in one of your vehicles would you be able to tell the Gardai the condition of the vehicle, its service history, mileage, the insurance status of the vehicle and most of all the condition of the driver.

Driving Lectures

We offer defensive/advanced driving lectures which can be held at various locations throughout Ireland. These lectures are between 3.5 to 4 hours in duration and cover all aspects of road safety, proper driving skills and accident prevention.

Lectures can be tailored to your companies specific requirements.

Emergency Response Driving

Drive2Arrive is a leading supplier of driver training to Ireland's emergency services. Our instructors, who are retired Police Driving Instructors, will deliver high quality training to your specific requirements, based on the service you provide and the vehicles that you use.

Our emergency response training programme will be delivered through classroom and practical driving skills modules.

VIP / Defensive Driver Training

This programme is designed to equip VIP drivers with the necessasy skills to maintain a high degree of Concentration, Observational Skills and a high level of security at all times. The VIP driver should be constantly aware at all times that their vehicle/passengers could be the subject of an attack or ambush.

Our instructors teach the necessary skills to safeguard the VIP at all times. They will be taught how to identify potential hazards/threats and to take appropriate corrective action in such events. Like all our courses they are conducted by highly trained and qualified former Police Driving instructors, all with advanced Police driving skills.

Driver Training

Advanced/Defensive driving is all about taking your skills one step further, it is teaching you how to forsee a combination of circumstances in good time including the errors of other drivers and be able to take appropriate corrective action to avoid a collision. In otherwords it gives you time to react.

Driving Consultancy

We offer consultancy services in relation to all aspects of driver training and the benefits and costs than be saved by having properly trained drivers.


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